AAA predicts travel season will continue past Labor Day

AAA predicts travel season will continue past Labor Day

DALLAS, Texas (KBTX) – Many Americans are heading out of town after a summer full of travel frustrations with fluctuating gas prices and air travel cancellations and delays.

Daniel Armbruster with AAA Texas joined First News at Four to discuss what will once again be a busy Labor Day weekend and why this year’s travel season is unique.

This holiday weekend, 32% of Americans said in a AAA survey they would be traveling, with about 12% of them going 50 miles or more for a leisure destination. Armbruster credits the increase in travel to gas prices. In Texas, prices at the pump have fallen for 11 weeks in a row.

Labor Day typically marks the end of summer road trips and vacations, however, this year many people will continue to travel during the autumn months at a rate that outpaces even 2019. According to an AAA fall travel survey, 73% of participants planned to go on vacation after Labor Day.

“Overall there is still a pent up demand that we’re seeing for travel and that’s related to COVID-19 of course people not being able to travel then very much and then also inflation,” said Armbruster.

Armbruster shared a few travel tips to avoid some of the hassle.

  • Work with a reputable travel advisor
  • Download and use airline apps to get boarding passes, track bags and receive flight updates
  • Travel at least a day before important events, such as weddings, funerals, cruises or international connections
  • Book early morning flights because they are less prone to delays and cancellations
  • Get to the airport extra early and schedule longer layovers – a one hour layover may not be enough time to make a connection these days
  • Consider purchasing travel insurance especially if going on an international trip
  • Pack smart to avoid holding up the boarding process trying to fit carry-ons into overhead luggage bins
  • Remain kind, patient and courteous with airline and airport staff as well as with other passengers

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