Beauty in madness – BusinessMirror

Beauty in madness - BusinessMirror

FOR rising star Ayanna Misola, there is beauty in almost every thing, even in chaos, confusion, disruption—even madness.

“Call me idealistic, but I am also very realistic about life. I believe each one of us is given a little spark of madness, so we can explore life’s adventures to the extreme, do crazy things, be unique, be wild, be free, be truly ourselves and be genuinely happy,” shared Misola, who struck us as a very grounded, what-you-see-is-what-you-get type of a lady.

And by simply talking to Misola for a few minutes, one realizes that she is not just an ordinary lady because she is undeniably raw and beautiful, her complexion almost flawless, and very street smart.

When we asked her if she is happy with the pressures added to her life now that she is one of Viva’s hottest screen sirens, Misola took a deep breath, looked us at the eye and replied, “I have to admit that pressure mounts as I take on one new movie project after another. And there not even a long lull, or a long break for me to evaluate things, or to rest, because maybe it’s in my contract, but it’s really one project after another. I’d like to clarify that I am in no way complaining because each new project is a blessing not only for me but for my loved ones, and those who depend on me.”

We are just in the third quarter of this year, but Misola has already finished work on at least five projects, including Ang Babaeng Nawawala sa Sarili, Siklo, Kinsenas, Katapusan, Putahe and her current solo starrer, Bula, which is getting a lot of positive reviews, citing the film’s high entertainment value and Misola’s spot-on performance as the laundrymat worker mind is so fertile that it leads her to all the ups and downs, and twists and turns of this contemporary campy, and sometimes ostentatious, but sublime narrative directed by Bobby Bonifacio Jr., who incidentally also used the sappiest songs, including his own compositions that added spunk to every plot twist in the movie.

Misola has only good words for her director. “He is young and amazing and he thinks fast and oftentimes out of this world. He does not resort to formulaic shots because I think he gets bored with these. And he is so cool with his actors—perhaps that’s why I am so at ease and I have a lot of fun when I am on his set,” said Misola. Her auspicious performance in this movie might just make critics look a lot longer, and closer, at what this actress can offer. She is appreciative but remains unperturbed. “My personal goal is to always try everything at least once. That is why a new role always excites me. I want to improve myself, reminding myself that I am running my own race and I am competing with no one because me being in show business is my personal journey and no one else’s,” said Misola, who also admitted to us that like every newcomer in the acting business, she has her insecurities, dreams and doubts, and she simply calibrates her thoughts every time she gets into these situations.

As screen legend Marilyn Monroe once said, imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it is always better to be absolutely ridiculous than be absolutely boring. For Ayanna Misola, her chaos, imperfection and madness continue to make her alluring, happy and beautiful.

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