Beauty Pie silk pillowcase review: Luxe bedding with hair and skincare benefits

Beauty Pie silk pillowcase review: Luxe bedding with hair and skincare benefits

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The silk pillowcase arrived in a cute pink cardboard box complete with a pull-out drawer, and tissue paper lining. Ideal for storage or reuse, we particularly liked the pattern which features shapes including hearts, lips, a make-up compact, stars and the word “love”. As packaging goes, this is an on-trend box also showcasing metallic detail and looking pretty luxe.

That premium aesthetic is reflected in the £80 guest price, although this does mirror the cost of other silk pillowcases we’ve tried. And, there’s a very tempting option to save almost £50 if you’re a Beauty Pie member.

Folded up inside, we found the white envelope-style queen sized pillowcase, which is the only color available currently. Measuring 51.5cm in width and 77cm in length, it fit our standard pillow well with enough space for the material to flow, which maximises those hair and skin benefits further.

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Speaking of which, the mulberry silk fabric has a midweight thickness meaning it doesn’t appear at all flimsy. We could detect the delicate suppleness of this silk pillowcase, while noticing its durability too. This is because of the 22 momme level (or the silk weave density) being high.

The otherwise plain pillowcase is piped with burgundy edging, adding a unique finish that our tester found pleasing, Plus, this detail makes the entire case hold its shape in place on our pillow too. It’s worth mentioning that the silk stayed put without slipping about as we slipped and we instantly noticed a comforting softness and enjoyed how relaxed this made us feel.


Our tester is prone to overheating at night, and really appreciated the freshness of this pillowcase. Even when waking up too warm, we were lulled back to sleep by sinking our face further into the cooling case. That soothing feeling was a lot like the comfort that comes from flipping your pillow to reach the coolest side. Meanwhile, on chiller nights, we enjoyed snuggling into the tactile pillowcase too, and our overall take was how glossy and smooth the fabric felt on our skin.

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As someone with drier hair due to an underactive thyroid, our tester is keen to protect strands where possible and was impressed by how gentle the case was. When turning over in bed, we didn’t feel our hair being pulled or at risk of breakage. Plus, we saw a noticeable improvement to our usual fluffy bedhead too.

Flyaway frizz wasn’t sticking up all over, and instead our hair held its styled smoothness better too. This meant our morning routine was quicker in between hair washes, as we didn’t have to completely re-do tonged waves or add lots of extra product either.

After applying our night-time skincare, we saw dewier plumped-up skin the next morning. We think this is because of serums and oils not absorbing straight into our pillow rather than soaking into our skin. There were a few drops of skincare residue and stubborn mascara marks which transferred onto the case, but we’d say that’s inevitable. And the fact we couldn’t detect as many annoying pillow creases the next morning definitely won’t bonus points.

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We machine washed the case at 30 degrees as instructed, before hanging it out to dry. You shouldn’t tumble dry this pillowcase, but you can iron it on a low heat though we didn’t bother and there weren’t many creases after it was back on our pillow anyway. Our tester was impressed to see that the initial smooth shine stayed put after several washes too.

The verdict: Beauty Pie sleepeasy luxury mulberry silk pillowcase

We are big fans of Beauty Pie’s silk pillowcase. This smooth, cooling fabric is comforting to sink into and felt soft on our hair and skin. We were instantly relaxed after laying our head on the pure mulberry silk and our hair felt protected from breakage. Meanwhile, we saw a face which didn’t sport a pillow creases the next morning, and our evening skincare routine seemed more effective. We also rated the luxury aesthetic, and washability. Finally, the fact there’s an opportunity to save almost £50 with the members’ price gets our attention for a more affordable silk pillowcase option too.

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