Bephie’s Beauty Supply Air Jordan 7 Short Film

Beth Birkett Gibbs, co-owner of UNION LOS ANGELES and founder of Bephies Beauty Supply, brings her background as a director to a long form video celebrating her Air Jordan 7 collaboration.

Narrated by Amani Ariel, a 9-year-old actor and entrepreneur, the cinematic short brings to life the campaign’s hero messaging of “We vs I” with a poetic call to action to embrace life’s era-shifting energies, to create and to embrace beauty as a tool for potential.

While the idea of ​​“diversity” has been somewhat diluted as of late, the BBS x Air Jordan 7 video is a true testament to the term, casting models of all ages, sizes and genders to form a resonating visual.

Jordan Brand describes the collaboration in the following statement.

“Unapologetic, powerful, and downright heat for the streets — the Jordan x Bephies Beauty Supply collection delivers a transgressive take on hoops fashion. Tapping into the zeitgeist of the late ’90s hoops scene, this newly-released mixtape of pieces celebrates feminine strength and its many looks.”

View the “We vs I” campaign video above and shop the full collection of apparel and footwear via Bephie’s Beauty Supply and UNION LOS ANGELES.

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