Bowman’s Travel Brief: Raise the Stakes, Reach New Heights

Bowman's Travel Brief: Raise the Stakes, Reach New Heights

This past weekend I attended the Global Travel Marketplace (GTM), which brings together elite-level advisors and suppliers from the world.

In speaking with many of these million-dollar travel advisors at the event, it was clear to see that they were not fully satisfied.

They’re hungry for more.

And shouldn’t we all be?

To do that we have to raise the stakes.

Now, I’m not talking about gambling here, but rather stepping up and elevating your game. To be bold, to not hold back, and to seriously “let ‘er rip.”

The advisors at GTM all want to keep growing their business. They’ve made over a million dollars in sales in the last year, but they’re actively making the moves to reach new heights.

Whether it be in your business or personal life, we all have something we know we can improve upon. As you’re reading this now, you’re probably already thinking of what that is.

Maybe it’s just an idea at this point or maybe you’ve thought out a plan.

Whatever it is, it’s time to get to work.

So, how will you raise the stakes in your daily life?

What’s your next move?

Let me know your thoughts on Twitter and Instagram: @EricBowman_

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