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As a 62-year-old father of grown nine and grandfather of eight, with the kids all, I woke up one day and realized that I am now an empty-nester! Color me surprised!

One might think this would be a time of celebration — rather, it’s been a time of intense reflection, new transitions, and recalibration. My old tools have stopped working like they used to. What I’m finding is that my life is changed and that the tools that worked in the past are no longer needed or even necessary.

Those old and dated habits and practices have to do with work, survival, breadwinning, raising children, broadening relationships, making connections, intense time management and much more. The days of grinding and trying always to “make things happen” are now mostly gone!

Many of the things of the past that were needed to succeed and survive are no longer as necessary as before. Hyper scheduling, pushing, and stressing are gone … good and more peaceful times have arrived.

What is needed going forward? New tools — the ability and skills needed to develop adventure, discovery, being curious, and life-long learning. I am taking an inventory as to the tools and resources “out there” to allow me to make the discoveries needed to broaden and enrich this new life!

My takeaways are…

• To get quiet, slow down, and heal up from the life “trauma” that was 40+ years of raising nine kids.

• To live in a place of peacefulness and a broad bandwidth of time and leisure and “life margin” I should choose to.

• To be aware and proactive before becoming intense, freaked out, or striving in my surviving — old tool mode!

• To try “low-cost probes”: Just try new activities/hobbies/pastimes before you invest vast sums of money in something you may not like. Don’t buy the RV, kayak, or motorcycle — instead, rent one first!

I’m letting go of what used to work and embracing and learning the new tools that will work in my irresistible (and now happening) future!

We can walk in new peace and discovery when we have the bandwidth to be leisurely and be in the moment and present. Be sure to include others and be an encouragement as you connect with them! You and I can participate joyfully as we embrace life with new tools, perspective, and curiosity!

I hope this might help in your peaceful transition to the next phase of your life adventure.

Go for it!

Good Neighbor Scott Hammond is in Eureka and is available for you and your connection at [email protected] and on Facebook and other social media or call 707-444-2504.

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