Charlize Theron On Taking Risks, Wearing SPF And Why Her Mum Is Her Beauty Icon

Charlize Theron On Taking Risks, Wearing SPF And Why Her Mum Is Her Beauty Icon

Rocking a post-apocalyptic buzzcut as the one-armed Furiosa, donning a murderous crown as Snow White‘s evil queen, and working blonde ‘bombshell’ lengths to face the patriarchy are all part of the day job for Charlize Theron. But, when it comes to her personal life, the actor, activist and Dior J’Adore ambassador likes to keep things simple.

But don’t get her wrong, you might not find any perspex Muji stacks stuffed with make-up in Theron’s bathroom cabinet, but the South African-American Oscar winner plays it far from safe when it comes to her beauty looks. Jet black mullets, balayage bowl cuts, bleached blonde pixie crops, she’s tried (and nailed) them all. Diamanté parting? A regular red carpet look for the 46-year-old. A refreshing risk taker and rule breaker when it comes to beauty, Theron’s understated approach is anything but boring.

Below, ELLE UK caught up with the beauty icon and face of Dior’s new J’Adore d’eau fragrance on all things minimalist perfume collections, comforting scents and why there are no rules when it comes to beauty…

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How would you describe your approach to beauty?

‘My approach to beauty and fragrance is that simple is best. I’m a mother of two so I can’t always spend a lot of time in front of the mirror every morning—I have to get them to school! And fragrance is the same way, with the J’adore scent, it combines classic fresh floral scents with the lightness of water as its base which creates something classic and nuanced without overdoing it.’

Who, for you, is a beauty icon?

‘My mum is my beauty icon.’ She’s confident and comfortable in her own skin. She’s outspoken but also caring. She takes fantastic care of herself so she feels good!’

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What’s your earliest memory of perfume?

‘My earliest memory of scent is smelling my mother’s perfume – it’s something that’s always stayed with me and I always wanted to smell nice like her as a kid!’

What does your perfume stash look like?

‘I’m definitely more of a Marie Kondo when it comes to my perfume collection. I find a scent or two and I usually stick with them. I’m just more of a minimalist in most areas of my life.’

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What scent makes you feel nostalgic?

‘I love scents that are familiar to me or remind me of certain memories/locations – that’s always comforting. But I also really enjoy trying new scents that aren’t necessarily tied to a memory but feel exciting and different.’

What’s your secret to self confidence?

‘Surrounding yourself with other confident people and having a strong support system.’


What’s the one beauty essential you can’t live without?

‘Sunscreen! Can’t live without it, I apply it religiously every morning.’

What’s the best beauty tip you’ve ever been given?

‘My hairstylist Adir has taught me never to be afraid to take risks!’

What beauty myth are you bored of hearing?

‘Beauty is subjective, I don’t think there should be any rules! The best looks happen when you take risks.’

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