Day 8 – Miami Dolphins 2022 Training Camp Notebook

Day 8 - Miami Dolphins 2022 Training Camp Notebook

Wednesday was a load management day for three of the Dolphins biggest offseason acquisitions. Friday, they showed fans why the team prioritized the trio with explosive receptions, impressive runs and a stabilizing force on the offense line.

On the aforementioned Jackson block, Edmonds showcased the vision, patience and ability to set up blocks that made him a target for the Dolphins this offseason. One stutter step pulled a linebacker inside, then it was pure acceleration to the edge, which Edmonds won for a big gain.

Armstead got plenty of work today and his presence is so easy to identify. On one Tua Tagovailoa touchdown pass in red zone work, the Dolphins defense sent pressure inside. This forced Armstead to squeeze down and give his quarterback the additional tenth of a second to make the throw.

Hill did what he does – creates separation and strikes fear into the defense. His suddenness was evident in red zone work and his change-of-direction skillset can puzzle defenders from the moment the ball is snapped.

Speaking of separation and impactful newcomers, I thought Cedrick Wilson Jr.’s feel and instincts showed up Friday during one-on-one’s. Some routes are tougher to win than others based on the defensive leverage, but Wilson showed he can get to where the defense is trying to prevent him from going. And best of all, his routes always angle back to the quarterback without drifting.

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