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Georgian Defense Forces showcased their Bravo Company, 12th Light Infantry Battalion, 1st Infantry Brigade Soldiers during defensive position training held during Noble Partner.

Doctrinally, the US Army recognizes three tasks and forms of defense. The training that the Georgian Defense Forces executed was a combination of defense of a linear obstacle and perimeter defense, which falls in the task area of ​​mobile defense.

Soldiers assigned to Bravo Company started the training with a road march that led into a perimeter defense after arriving to the first training site. After the area was deemed clear mechanisms by company leadership and trainers, they then moved into an entrenched area as they built on the previous training objective and added an excess defensive line to another level of realism to the training.

This realistic level of training is what has become a staple of what makes Noble Partner the enriching exercise it is known as.

Noble Partner is a cooperatively-led multinational training exercise in its sixth iteration between the Georgian Defense Forces (GDF) and US Army Europe and Africa. The exercise occurs at Vaziani and Camp Norio training areas in the country of Georgia from Aug. 29 to Sep. 9, 2022.

“We’ve been training for this event for a while now,” said 2nd Lt. Omar Bakuradze, a platoon commander, assigned to Bravo Company. “We look forward to the growth and experience that this exercise brings. My Soldiers are eager to work with our allied counterparts and take that information to improve our procedures and drills”

Interoperability is not only about technology, but people and processes. Noble Partner allows our active duty and National Guard Soldiers to improve battlefield-critical capabilities, like communicating with and understanding Allies and partners.

“We have been in constant communication with our counterparts, and it has already paid off in many ways,” said Bakuradze. “They have helped me understand the flow of commanding Soldiers better and that has helped me become a better platoon commander.”

Noble Partner allows allies and partners to connect personally, professionally, technically, and tactically to create stronger, more capable forces. These forces are then able to attain and sustain stability within the region.

“We have many new Soldiers in our unit,” Bakuradze said. “So this exercise being their first will ensure they build good habits and it also gives them a good example of what right looks like due to the experience of our senior soldiers and counterparts.”

New Soldiers from the Georgian Defense Force were eager to learn and look forward to interacting with their counter parts in the training event.

“It was nice to talk to new US Soldiers,” said Pvt. Alexandre Rapava, an infantryman assigned to Bravo Company, 12th Light Infantry Brigade. “I was surprised to meet Soldiers that haven’t been in the military a long time and for some of them, this is their first time leaving the US”

Soldiers meet, talk and find a common ground during these types of exercises due to the fact that they live, eat and train together. Translator applications have made these interactions much easier than days past and that has only made the interactions more probable.

“We used Google translator and I met Soldiers from [the state of] Georgia,” said Rapava. “They showed me photos of their family and places they’ve been and I did the same.”

The defensive training that took place really embodied the multicultural spirit that Noble Partner is known for. The opposing force consisted of both Romanian and Bulgarian Soldiers helping enhance the impact and quality of the training.

“It was really nice to have real people testing our defensive positions and formations,” said Bakuradze. “Using targets or stationary objects as enemies doesn’t truly engage Soldiers. We were able to create a more realistic engaging training for our Soldiers with the help of our Bulgarian and Romanian counterparts.”

Noble Partner is designed to enhance regional partnerships and increase all participating forces readiness and interoperability in a realistic, multinational training environment, and these types of training events ensure that objective training is met.

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