Educators in Cheshire get special training to spot warning signs

Educators in Cheshire get special training to spot warning signs

CHESHIRE, CT (WFSB) – Educators in Cheshire had a special training Monday, learning how to find the warning signs to prevent the next tragedy from happening.

When people think about being prepared for a mass shooting, most think of active shooter training.

But earlier Monday in Cheshire High School, it was all about finding those red flags before a shooting even happens.

“Just sitting in my car right now, after watching that beautiful sunset.” This is the manifesto of Elliot Roger, the man who killed six people in Santa Barbara, California in 2014.

It was played in a room filled with Cheshire Public Schools administrators and mental health staff.

They all learned about what signs to look for to prevent tragedies.

“We need to continually re-evaluate and re-assess kind of where we are as a community, where we are as a people. so that we know what to look for and how to respond and identify different issues,” said Michelle Catucci, Department Chair of School Counseling at Cheshire High School.

Thomas Veivia runs the training through his company, 302 Consulting Group.

He said the aim is to show something like a mass shooting is planned.

So to prevent it, is to find a warning sign while they’re still thinking of pulling a trigger.

“Our goal is to get to them before they get to that last domino falls where they execute a plan,” said Veivia.

Veivia said this preventative training is critical.

Since May, we’ve seen multiple high-profile shootings: Buffalo New York, Uvalde Texas, and Highland Park Illinois.

“It just demonstrates even more so now that there needs to be processes like this in place not just in schools but in any organization,” said Veivia.

For Catucci, to find these red flags, it’s all about making a connection.

“I think students and families need to feel connected and supported to the school community, we’re all in this together. And students spend so much time during their life at school, so the school environment needs to be a safe place where they feel supported,” Catucci said.

This training is part of Cheshire Public Schools’ violence and prevention mitigation program.

They last had this training in 2019.

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