Feel-good beauty: Save 20% this Labor Day on Sand & Sky skin care made with Aussie botanicals

Feel-good beauty: Save 20% this Labor Day on Sand & Sky skin care made with Aussie botanicals

Feel-good beauty: Pamper yourself and save 20% this Labor Day on Sand & Sky face and body treats made with a cocktail of nourishing Australian botanicals

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Simple is often best, especially when it comes to skin care routines. It’s a tried-and-true cornerstone of some of the best and most effective beauty regimens in the world — for good reason. Sand & Sky abides by the same rule of thumb when producing its nourishing and skin-loving formulas for the face and body, all made with Australian botanicals.

The label relies on a series of hero ingredients, including Australian pink clay to detoxify stressed skin, berries to introduce vital free radical-busting antioxidants to your complexion, and mineral-rich spring water known for its hydrating powers. Right now, you can reap the rewards at a discount — the company is offering a generous 20% off its entire collection with a minimum purchase of $55.

Anyone with dry skin knows what a beast it can be to manage on the best of days. With cooler weather on the horizon, though, that could spell even drier and more stubborn skin.

To the rescue comes this intensive mask formulated to quench your complexion’s thirst thanks to its potent blend of hyaluronic acid, squalane, and pentavitin.

One reviewer raved about the results: ‘I’ve tried several products and nothing has worked as well as this mask! I leave it on a bit longer and my skin is wicked hydrated after.’


To take advantage of this outstanding offer, just fill your cart with your favorites and enter code LABORDAY at checkout to receive your discount. Here are some can’t-miss highlights that will give your beauty routine an instant boost.

Boost your anti-aging routine with a face mask packed with vitamin C — including the most stable form, 3-O-ethyl ascorbic acid, which makes the treatment even more potent and effective in both brightening and smoothing the skin.

Polyphenols may help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while a blend of hyaluronic acids improves hydration levels for a softer texture.

Even people with acne, sensitivity, and rosacea tout its efficacy, with one shopper stating, ‘This is GOALS. My rosacea causes dry, itchy skin with bumps, and when it’s particularly dry, this is my go-to and it super hydrates it every time.’


Smoother skin could be just a step away when you introduce this rejuvenating treatment to your routine. Macadamia and bamboo gently slough away dead skin cells, while extracts of finger lime offer natural alpha-hydroxy acids to lend your skin an enviable glow with regular use.

It also contains olive, rosehip, and grapeseed oils for moisture. The real star of the show, though, is Australian pink clay, a toxin-reducing, pore-tightening, skin-clearing addition that purifies and vanquishes congestion for a healthier complexion.


As anyone with oily skin can attest, it can be a tricky task managing consistent slickness while dealing with other potential side effects like clogged pores and acne.

It all starts with a solid routine using products formulated specifically with ingredients that balance your complexion while reducing excess sebum content.

This moisturizer contains old man weed, a natural anti-inflammatory used medicinally by indigenous Australians for centuries. Niacinamide supports the skin’s barrier, while salicylic acid exfoliates to reduce clogged pores.


Dryness, fine lines, and loss of elasticity are common woes that plague aging skin. What’s special about this lovely treatment isn’t so much its appearance — although there’s no denying it will pop thanks to that lush pink and purple blend — but its powerhouse blend of vitamin C powered by stable 3-O-ethyl ascorbic acid, plus collagen -building Kakadu plum and line-diminishing polyphenols.

For an added moisture boost, there are five different forms of hyaluronic acid added to the mix. Many shoppers over 45 swear by this potion, with one proclaiming that ‘It’s given my aging skin some hydration and life.’


Treat yourself to this phenomenal scrub that handles it all, from dry elbows to ingrown hairs to occasional acne breakouts. The exfoliating action comes courtesy of coconut and macadamia shell, which gently massage away dead skin cells, while virgin macadamia oil hydrates your skin on contact.

There’s even a touch of biodegradable shimmer, lending your skin a gorgeous shimmer even after you’ve stepped out of the shower. ‘Smells amazing, leaves my skin baby soft with a little shimmery sparkle,’ says one shopper.


What better excuse to take your beauty game to the next level? Apply code LABORDAY at Sand & Sky to your $55+ order and save 20% on your face and beauty treats. Offer does not apply to bundles or the Australian Glow Berries Intense Glow Moisturizer. Valid August 30 through September 5.


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