Gas prices in Massachusetts keep falling ahead of Labor Day weekend travel

Gas prices in Massachusetts keep falling ahead of Labor Day weekend travel

Filling up the gas tank for Labor Day weekend travel will be significantly cheaper than during the Fourth of July earlier this summer, as pump prices keep falling across the Bay State.

The average for regular gas in Massachusetts is now exactly at $4.00 a gallon — way down from the record high of $5.04 in mid-June. The average will likely break the $4 mark in the next few days with prices continuing to nose-dive.

The $4.00 average is 47 cents cheaper than a month ago. Meanwhile, the national average is 18 cents lower than the Bay State, coming in at $3.82 ahead of the holiday weekend for the unofficial end of summer.

Inventories are lower in the Northeast compared to other parts of the country, leading to higher prices.

“Prices continue to fall steadily, however, and that’s good news for motorists planning their last summer driving trip over the upcoming Labor Day weekend,” said Mary Maguire, AAA Northeast’s director of public and government affairs.

According to an informal regional survey of AAA members, 31% say they plan to travel for Labor Day weekend, while 49% will not travel. Also in the survey, 70% of decisions the respondents admitted that inflation —including higher gas and price prices — played a role in their travel.

However, a significant number of respondents said they plan to travel in the remaining months of the year or in 2023, especially with salary prices expected to decline this fall and winter.

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