Goodwill offering IT training to East Texans

Goodwill offering IT training to East Texans

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) – Goodwill Industries of East Texas continues developing programs to help train individuals and prepare them for the workforce. GoodTech Academy was created in 2018 through an IT program in conjunction with Goodwill Industries’ national office and Google said CEO Kimberly B. Lewis.

“We’ve been so pleased with the reception from the community and GoodTech Academy is really about bringing this community forward in terms of workforce development,” said Lewis.

Here in East Texas people can pay a $20 enrollment fee and have access to a handful of courses and certifications. This includes classes, the instructors, and books. Technology Education Manager Kaley Perez oversees the program.

“What we do here is specifically that hands-on training and the certifications are kind of necessary alongside your college training,” said Perez. “It’s this industry standard for a lot of different companies, they’re looking for that CompTIA certification and the hands-on experience. That’s why I think it’s incredibly important to come through a training like this, so you can get exactly that.”

Grants help supplement the program. Lewis said GoodTech is for anyone at any stage of IT.

“So even if they don’t know what a mouse is, if they don’t know what a CPU is, we can help them with their basic literacy courses, all the way up to certifications,” Lewis said.

They teach the courses in their academy space, they also go into the community and have online courses. Most of the certification courses run between four to six months.

“After you complete your course, then it’s time for you to get a job. We also have placement specialists that can help you to find a job in the IT sector, and everybody needs IT. Everybody works with IT in some capacity,” Lewis said.

Perez said she sees people coming in at 50 years old to change careers.

“It’s never too late to get started, these will get you that jumpstart that you need to be able to get into the field,” Perez said.

On top of GoodTech, last year they started a program called GoodBiz Academy which is a business entrepreneurial bootcamp for black entrepreneurs. They’ll be starting their third class January 2023.

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