Guardian Caps debut at training camps throughout NFL

Guardian Caps debut at training camps throughout NFL

While some colleges and high schools also use Guardian Caps, the ones worn in the NFL are unique to the league. Biomechanical engineers associated with the NFL and NFLPA collaborated with the Guardian Cap company to develop a cap specific to the level of impact sustained at the professional level. Following training camp, the NFL will analyze data collected from the caps then assess how they performed.

The new requirement is another effort to further the advancement of player safety around the league. Increased efforts from the NFL in recent years have made Jones and Whitehair feel more comfortable on the field and with their lives post-football.

“Brain injuries are a real thing when you leave,” Jones said. “So being able to take precautions in order to mitigate some of that is really cool. And it gives the players a peace of mind knowing that they have our best interest in that aspect.”

Medlin, who has been on the Bears equipment staff since 1987, is also impressed with the continuous efforts made by the league. He’s also excited about the increase in collaboration between the NFL and NFLPA in recent years and how that relationship will further player safety.

“The NFL and the NFLPA, with them collaborating together, I think it has helped over the years, and I just think it’s one of the greatest things we can have in our game today,” Medlin said. “We have two groups working together to make things better for the athlete. But, you know, the NFL and NFLPA, they collaborate, and they talk about other things other than just helmets, other than just footwear. So, I think it’s been outstanding over the years just to see how far we’ve come to get to this point. When you see a Guardian Cap out on the field, another measure of protecting the athlete, that is huge.

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