GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani Launches Digital Community Platform

GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani Launches Digital Community Platform

The GXVE Community Empowers Consumers to Share Their Love of Artistry

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GXVE Beauty, a clean, high performance color cosmetics brand launched in March 2022 by musical icon & multi-hyphenate Gwen Stefani, was created for the community of makeup lovers that find their inspiration, individuality and self-expression through artistry. Today, GXVE Beauty unveils The GXVE Communitya proprietary digital platform that gives consumers the tools they need to create, share and inspire with their unique makeup looks while benefitting financially through a commission rate that is above the industry average.

Gwen launched The GXVE Community with a desire to find new and exciting ways to interact with makeup fans in the digital age as social media wasn’t available to her when she was coming up in her career. Much of Gwen’s early beauty inspiration came from her mother, aunts & grandmother, old Hollywoodher Anaheim community and from the locals who visited her at the Ultima II and Borghese beauty counters where she worked as a self-taught makeup artist.

“GXVE Beauty is the next chapter of my life. It’s an extension of my passion for being creative, for finding identity and being artistic. Makeup gives you the freedom to play the roles you want to play,” said GXVE Beauty Founder Gwen Stefani. “I’ve dreamed about the day of launching the GXVE Community and now it’s here. I wanted to partner up with the people who have been my partners all along. We’ve always had this exchange of love, whether it be through the music I’ve written or fashion and now beauty. If you love makeup and you love to be your own individual, you’re going to love this community and I can’t wait to see what everyone creates.”

To apply to The GXVE Community, consumers simply visit the “Ambassador Program” tab on the GXVEBeauty.com site. Selected ambassadors, also known as “GXVERS”, will be granted access to the proprietary brand platform. There is no minimum social media following required to become a GXVE Community ambassador – simply a passion for makeup and a positive outlook. The platform offers both discovery and financial incentives. Those selected as GXVERS gain exclusive access to videos from Gwen, product education and application tutorials, social content and product images and the ability to share and engage in brand polls and chats. To further drive this community-first mindset, GXVERS receive a 30% commission on any items sold via their ambassador link, one of the highest standardized rates in the industry.

Gwen Stefani is a visionary. When she does anything – she’s all in,” said New Theory Ventures Entrepreneur in Residence Stuart Leitch. “She has such a genuine love for the community of people who support her and who share in her love of makeup as a form of self-expression . With zero promotion of the Ambassador Program, we’ve been blown away by the overwhelming number of people who organically signed up. Our early beta testers embody Gwen’s spirit – they’re learning from each other, they’re being creative and lifting each other up. There’s a real magic in the experience. Every day is a new opportunity to share creatively and we couldn’t be more thrilled to open up the community to everyone.”

The GXVE Community is now accepting applications at GXVEBeauty.com. GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani is sold nationwide at Sephora, Sephora.com and GXVEBeauty.com.

About GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani
GXVE Beauty is anything but ordinary. Before music, there was makeup. Founded in 2022 by multi-hyphenated artist Gwen Stefani, GXVE Beauty represents Gwen’s passion for makeup. Gwen’s love for makeup started at an early age, when she was a makeup artist in Orange County, CA, working at the department store beauty counters. GXVE Beauty was created for the community of creative people who love makeup and find their inspiration there. It offers high-performance, bold remastered essentials that provide artistry to all. GXVE Beauty long wear formulas are clean, vegan and cruelty-free and the majority of the collection features are refillable packaging. To learn more about GXVE Beauty, visit gxvebeauty.com, sephora.com or follow the brand on all social platforms @gxvebeauty.



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