Heavy rain, possible flash flooding to affect holiday travel

Heavy rain, possible flash flooding to affect holiday travel

BRANFORD, Conn. (WFSB) – We have an early warning weather alert for Monday night into Tuesday morning.

There will likely be impacts of heavy rain on holiday and back to school travel plus the possibility of isolated flash flooding.

Some people have decided to head home from their holiday weekend a day early because of it.

Travelers say traffic was not too bad heading home Sunday evening.

“Not too bad, when it started to get rainy, it got a little worse definitely. A little hard to see everything,” said Sabrina Schully, Rhode Island.

Sabrina is not the only one who doesn’t like driving in the rain.

“Right now, it’s a little bit tough. I wish I had my bigger car. That would have been nicer,” said Gopola Vasu, Rhode Island.

With heavy rain and possible flash flooding in the coming days, travelers who got on the road Sunday night say getting home earlier is better.

“We want one day to get back to work and so on. We’re building a house so we need to get things ready for that too,” Vasu said.

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