Hero using his business success to give back to the community

Hero using his business success to give back to the community

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — A St. Petersburg man is using the success of his patented car accessory to give back to his community.

Michael Baker and others designed and patented a device called the Odayex 6, a mobile monitor for cars that displays miles per hour.

“We built it for safety,” Baker said. “But some people race with it. Some people put it in their cars for safety. It shows how fast you’re going (through the rear windshield).”

The Odayex 6 is available now, and Baker is using some of the profits to benefit his St. Petersburg neighborhood.

Baker enjoys giving back, especially during the holidays.

“The kids that didn’t have anything, we would, every Christmas, find a location we’d get 100 to 200 bikes and give them away for Christmas for the kids that didn’t have anything,” he said.

He also has turned his St. Petersburg backyard into a world of fruits and vegetables.

“Just showing kids,” baker said. “Bringing them back to our roots and where we started as far as gardening and showing them the right way to do that versus having to go to the store and buy food. Show them how to grow their own food.”

Baker also volunteers at St. Vincent de Paul helping to feed the city’s homeless population.

And if all that philanthropy isn’t enough now he’s involved in providing people with something very hard to find these days, affordable housing.

Baker said he and his partners have purchased six homes, rehabbed them and then rented them out to those with low incomes.

“We love to give back and it’s not just me,” he said. “It’s a whole team of us and we love to give back.

“We want to see differences as far as the kids and everything. We want them to grow up a little different than we did. We had to struggle and fight and we want to give them. More than what we had.”


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