How To Make Your Beauty Routine More Sustainable

How To Make Your Beauty Routine More Sustainable

The use of hazardous chemicals, plastics, and other environmentally harmful substances are very common in the beauty industry. The skincare industry is no stranger to these practices. Despite massive regulations implemented by the local authorities to ensure safe manufacturing and usage, there is still plenty of environmental damage. Making your skincare and beauty choices interested is sustainable is trending nowadays because people are more in reducing their negative effects on the environment. Here’s how you can revamp your beauty routine and make it eco-friendly.

Focus on Recycling

Most beauty, hygiene, and skin care products come in plastic packaging, which only ends up in landfills. These plastic bottles can usually be recycled into other plastics, but most plastic is thrown away. Aluminum packaging can also be recycled. You can opt for personal care products that come in reusable packaging, like glass bottles. Many beauty and skincare companies are working on this concept and now offer their products in refillable glass bottles.

These bottles can be refilled with their products for a discounted price, providing customers value for money while reducing their carbon footprint. However, you may still end up with some plastic packaging as most consumer products still actively use plastic. You can turn your recycling routine up a notch by separating waste from recyclables. You can take these recyclable materials to a nearby recycling facility to play your part in protecting the environment.

Removing Makeup

Cotton-based products utilize a lot of water and tons of chemicals to manufacture. In the beauty and skincare industry, makeup removal pads and buds are made of cotton. Using these materials is considered an unsustainable practice. On the other hand, using organic cotton pads is a sustainable alternative as these pads don’t require the use of chemicals. Furthermore, when purchasing cotton swabs, make sure to pick the ones made with bamboo instead of plastic. Cotton pads can also be ditched as there are makeup removal sponges that can be reused and can be cleaned effectively.

Brushing Your Teeth

Instead of buying the conventional, plastic-based toothbrush, pick a bamboo toothbrush as an eco-friendly and biodegradable alternative to plastics. They can be thrown away with the surety of degrading on their own, making these toothbrushes a sustainable oral hygiene choice.

In-store Recycling

To contribute to recycling, many stores allow customers to bring in empty bottles and other forms of packaging so the store can recycle these items. In return, they offer incentives like discounts or free giveaways. There are even brands offering an exclusive deal for customers who bring in empty bottles of their products for recycling. You can check online or ask the in-store staff whether they offer incentives like these.

Shopping From Sustainable Brands

Sustainable beauty brands and products are skyrocketing in popularity because of their unique approach to protecting the environment while manufacturing and using their products. These companies strongly advocate against using hard-to-recycle materials like plastics and mixed materials. To know more about sustainability and sustainable brands, you can review the information presented here on the PAPR Cosmetics Blog, making an informed decision easier. When choosing these brands, check their track record, read testimonials from previous customers, and ensure they implement sustainable practices.

Reducing Usage

Most of us have a lot of beauty products lying around, and most of these products aren’t even being used. Many individuals don’t use their products completely. Instead of replacing these half-used products with newer ones, make sure to consume all of the products. Practicing this will make your consumption of beauty products more sustainable. Using whatever you have left before purchasing other products is the right approach toward sustainability. Look for products that have a dual purpose. For example, a high-quality blush can be used on your lips, limiting the use of lipstick.

Furthermore, limit the use of single-use and disposable beauty products. For example, makeup wipes are single-use items and cannot be recycled. They are considered waste and will only end up in the garbage. Make sure you limit the use of such items. This would be a small contribution toward a sustainable future, but it can have a massive impact when practiced collectively.

Revamping Your Bathroom

Sustainability is not limited to makeup and skincare products. There are plenty of products that have sustainable options. Start using what you have and then focus on replacing these products with sustainable alternatives. Shampoos, soaps, stainless steel razors, and related hygiene products all have eco-friendly alternatives that are sustainably manufactured. As mentioned earlier, limit single-use items like cotton swabs and replace them with reusable ones like LastSwab.

Look For Options

You should first focus on eco-friendly packaging when shopping for sustainable products. You must look for easily compostable, recyclable, reusable, or refillable packaging. Bamboo, hemp, aluminum, paper, and glass are some alternatives to plastics used by sustainable product manufacturers.

Additionally, look into the contents of the product. You can look at the product composition to get an idea of ​​the ingredients. However, decoding these product compositions on your own can take a lot of time. Fortunately, plenty of available resources can be used to familiarize with the ingredients’ names, uses, and ways they could be sourced. You should also look into how and where the ingredients are sourced and the impact sourcing those ingredients have on the environment. Lastly, look for symbols like a green dot in a box or a leaping bunny that signify that the products are free from animal testing and don’t contain any animal-based ingredients.

Go Packaging-Free

Plenty of sustainable product manufacturers are now opting to go package-less. They offer their products wrapped in recyclable paper and eliminate the use of plastics. Many companies are even working on producing formulations that are made from natural and organic materials. The biodegradable materials don’t harm the environment after use.


Practicing sustainability requires ongoing commitment and motivation to make a positive change. Implementing these sustainability practices in your beauty and personal care routine will help you play your part in saving the planet’s resources and creating less environmental impact.

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