Kate Moss Shares Her Carefree Beauty Routine with Vogue

Kate Moss Shares Her Carefree Beauty Routine with Vogue

Kate Moss is all about an easy-breezy beauty routine.

The supermodel shared her go-to skin and makeup routines with Vogueand her day-to-day regime is actually quite simple.

“I’d have to say I’m not very high maintenance when it comes to doing my own makeup,” Moss, 48, said in the video while swiping on her concealer. “If I go out on a night … I’ll put more on obviously, do an eye. During the day, I keep it pretty basic.”

Much of Moss’s skincare routine these days is her new wellness collection, Cosmoss. Her brand includes a variety of products that align with her new lifestyle that’s all about mindfulness and zen. “I’ve been meditating, doing yoga, just being much healthier. … all of this stuff that can make you feel more grounded and balanced,” she said of the lifestyle changes she’s made in recent years, adding that all of these aspects were what she wanted to bring into Cosmoss.

She starts with the Cosmoss Dawn Tea, which she said wakes her up. She reaches for this hibiscus tea “instead of lemon water, which is apparently very bad for your teeth,” she said.

From there, she lights a rose quartz candle to bring “peace and calm” to the start of her day and launches into her skin prep. She uses the Cosmoss Face Cleanser, a rose water toner, Cosmoss Face Cream, gua sha, sunscreen and Cosmoss Golden Nectar collagen drops.

The sunscreen, however, hasn’t been a part of her routine for very long. Moss told Vogue viewers that sunscreen is new to her regime, adding, “My daughter tells me off all the time” for not using it. “I do know it’s important,” she said while putting it on her skin.

Her model daughter, Lila, also tipped her off to the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, which she dabbed on her lips. “Lila told me about it,” she shared as she applied it. “It’s a sleep mask, but it’s so good. Lila probably has more of a skin routine than I do, but she’s very good at makeup and things.”

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Moving into her makeup routine, Moss shared that she “always liked makeup,” but coming from the days of grunge meant it was all about the heavy black eyeliner and lipstick patted onto her cheeks. These days, though, she said she’s a bit more adventurous and loves to pile on the mascara when she goes out.

For a casual look, though, she swipes on bronzer and eyebrow gel, curls her lashes and puts on a bit of lip tint to make for an effortlessly cool look. A spritz of Hair by Sam McKnight Cool Girl in her hair — which was created just for her, by the way — completes her beauty routine to give her locks a little bit of pizzazz. She said McKnight once told her that her hair always looked a bit “shabby,” and this texture spray could whip it into shape.

She brings it all to a close with a spray of her Cosmoss Sacred Mist fragrance to show off her complete collection and how it all seamlessly fits into her routine.

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