Labor Day travel surges despite new gas prices

Labor Day travel surges despite new gas prices

SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) – As Labor Day approaches, people spend the holiday weekend making celebratory plans. Many of these plans include family, fun, and especially travel.

One Valero Energy customer from Sherman gushed about the variety of food she prepared for the holiday. In addition to her excitement about cooking her favorite foods, she expressed the best part of the holiday was sharing it with her visiting family members.

“I’ve got big family coming from Dallas, Paris, Clarksville, Mount Pleasant…you name it, they’ll be here!”

Her son also expressed his travel plans.

“I’m driving from Sherman to Fort Worth every day, so I’m paying maybe over $200 in gas,” he said. “I’m paying maybe $300 in toll fees every two months.”

But as Labor Day approaches, so might a slight rise in gas prices.

“The gas prices are based on future demand,” said Leslie Gamble, AAA Manager, Public & Government Affairs. “The gas prices that we see right now might go up a few cents before the weekend with the idea of ​​increased travel on many peoples minds. But for the most part, they’re going to stay leveled where they are,” she said Monday.

Although this possible small price increase is far from the recent record highs, it is still above what gas used to be back in 2021, about 80 cents higher according to AAA.

Gamble claimed this year’s price jump will not have a significant impact on Labor Day travel plans. According to Gamble, many drivers have had no intention of letting record-high gas prices prevent them from taking the roadways. Gamble described it as “post-pandemic elation,” when people believe it is safe to travel.

This “post-pandemic elation” might go beyond Labor Day. On Wednesday, an AAA survey suggested people will continue to travel during the autumn months.

“As fall approaches and more international destinations open with fewer COVID-19 testing requirements, AAA Texas travel advisors are seeing growing demand at our local branches for trips and tours. And this is happening at a rate that outpaces even 2019 levels,” said Galen Grillo, vice president and general manager of AAA Texas.

Despite the possible ongoing popularity of travel, experts assured customers this Labor Day’s slight gas price jump is only temporary.

“It’s such a short-lived surge in the gasoline demand and travel demand because of that holiday weekend, that it’s not going to be sustained long term,” Gamble said. “The prices, if they’re even up a little bit, will go right back down after the weekend.”

To follow Gamble’s claim, AAA released a statement Thursday. The statement showed gas prices in Texas are dropping ahead of the busy Labor Day weekend.

According to AAA, the Texas statewide gas price average fell for the 11th week in a row.

“The cost for fuel is at its lowest point in six months as millions of drivers prepare to hit the road spokesperson for the last weekend of summer driving season,” said AAA Texas Daniel Armbruster.

Drivers in Texas are paying the second gas lowest price average in the country, according to

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