Lauren B’s Jr. Beauty Boot Camp Offer Cosmetology Classes to Young Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Lauren B's Jr.  Beauty Boot Camp Offer Cosmetology Classes to Young Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Lauren B.‘s Jr. Beauty Boot Camp is grooming the next generation of cosmetology experts through the power of mentorship, inspiration, and innovation.

Located in the Philadelphia neighborhood of West Oak Lane, the Beaute Box Salon has become a staple in the community for its notable efforts in teaching girls ages eight to 17 the ins and outs of the industry. Lauren, owner of the establishment, launched her Jr. Beauty Boot Camp in 2017 to spread her vision.

This summer, the camp will visit eight cities—Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, Houston, Charlotte, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Baltimore—offering mentorship from Lauren B. and a variety of hands-on classes for a $125 registration fee. The budding entrepreneurs and stylists who participate will take home a full beauty kit that includes a mannequin head and flat irons.

“When they leave here, they are masters. They know everything,” Lauren said, per CBS Philly.

The ambitious owner lends her expertise and insight as a licensed hairstylist, makeup artist, salon owner, serial entrepreneur and mentor. Most importantly, her willingness to teach and inspire was originally ignited after she experienced a lack of opportunities navigating the hair industry.

“There were no programs for hair, and that’s what made me come up with the idea for Beauty Boot Camp,” Lauren continued. “I wanted to give back to the community and teach the girls all the things I didn’t get to learn.”

Just two days ago, Lauren celebrated her “sold out, overbooked class” in Philly on Instagram.

“It’s a huge deal,” Lauren told CBS Philly. “To see my girls leave my program and actually become successful entrepreneurs, it’s amazing. Just to know that I built them up to what they’ve become today, it’s amazing.”

Click here to learn where the Jr. Beauty Boot Camp will be stopping next.

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