Married To Medicine’s Dr. Jackie Walters Dishes On Her Beauty Routine

Married To Medicine's Dr.  Jackie Walters Dishes On Her Beauty Routine

Her experiences with breast cancer inspired Dr. Jackie Walters to launch her sunscreen. “If I can prevent anybody from getting cancer, I wanted to do that,” she told The List. That very much includes herself. One of her beauty tricks is that she incorporates sunscreen into her makeup routine. “[I use] a little foundation, and I put it on,” she said of the product. “I was in Greece for nine days, and I wore it every day in Greece, and it was amazing. It looked like I had on makeup.” The small amount of foundation doesn’t affect the sunscreen’s ability to block harmful rays; it just adds a gorgeous finish.

When it comes to beauty products, Dr. Walters likes to dip into different brands and shades to create the perfect look. “We mix and match in my beauty world, so we don’t really take one color. We have a color over here, and a color over here to actually get the color that I want,” she explained. However, she has some favorite brands that she consistently reaches for lately — “a little bit of NARS and a little bit of MAC.” She also admitted how easy it is to be drawn in by gorgeous eyeshadow palettes: “You end up with the same colors over and over, but the palettes are so attractive.”

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