Mastering Beauty Techniques With AR

Mastering Beauty Techniques with AR

This summer, Joah Beauty partnered with top female AR creators and digital filter artists for its #JOAH30sEyelinerChallenge. The beauty brand tapped into the creative skills of experts like creative agency Song Candy and artist Paige Piskin, among others, to create the campaign in which fans replicate a beauty look using augmented reality.

In the challenge, a filter shows an eyeliner look on one eye, and users aim to recreate the look on the other—in less than 30 seconds.

“It gives you the ability to see it on one eye and copy it on the other,” Piskin told Happi of the Joah challenge, which is going on until August. “For me, I hadn’t done anything like that before. I realize just how effective it would be to watch your own eye using your phone.”

Piskin’s creative makeup filters have been admired and used by some of pop’s megastars including Adriana Grande, Billie Eilish, Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, Bella Hadid and Grimes, who wore one of Piskin’s filters in her music video, “My Name is Dark.”

Part of Piskin’s signature beauty look is the winged eye. During her interview with Happi, she was rocking the cat eye with a purple-pink eyeshadow.

“I had never really used an eyeliner that had such precision,” Piskin said about the liner. “When you’re going to make a simple wing or something more dramatic, it’s very clean and very sharp. Usually when I use eyeliner, I’ll have blotches or I end up having to make these giant wings and the [Line Up Felt Tip] eyeliner goes exactly where you want it. It’s an amazing product. It’s perfect for doing a wing or a fine-detailed outline.”

The smudge- and waterproof eyeliner, which retails for $8.99, is infused with lash-strengthening biotin and is easy to apply with a fast-drying formula designed to create an on-point cat eye. The look can be achieved with a smooth stroke of the pen as close to the lash line as possible before creating a wing that deviates upward.

Campaign Creation

Translated from English, “Joah” in Korean means “I like it.”

Song Candy, the creative agency that helped conceptualize the #JOAH30sEyelinerChallenge, found that K-Pop was trending with the brand’s target demographic, with nearly 235 billion views on TikTok to be exact. Putting the hit song to K-Pop vocals and quirky synths was a no-brainer for the brand, which is part of Kiss Products.

“Song Candy kicked-off creative concepting with a focus on identifying what makes Joah Beauty unique,” ​​said Christine Hunt, co-founder of Song Candy. “We went to Joah Beauty’s roots. We wanted to create a playful way to bring this forward without sounding too commercial.”

“Joah Beauty is a creative makeup brand with a great product, which made it the perfect collaboration to create such a fun makeup filter and TikTok challenge,” said Piskin. “The Joah Beauty eyeline is very sharp, which allows you to create precise detailed designs and the filter helps mirror the other eye, making it feel very natural and even easier to draw!”

Joah Beauty worked with Emily Robinson, Katie Farhood, Mary Skinner, Spencer Hedges and Indigo in the campaign.

Self-Taught ‘Master of AR’

Piskin has been dubbed by Meta as an artistic master of augmented reality. Like many talented artists, her artistic skills and passion are innate and she’s completely self-taught.

Piskin applies the Joah Beauty’s Line Up felt tip eyeliner during the TikTok challenge.

“I love makeup. We all use what feels right for us,” she said. “It’s a form of self-expression.” I’ve been working with makeup since I was old enough to go out and buy my own,” said the Millennial, adding that she honed her skills, picking up ideas from YouTube, Instagram and TikTok videos.

Her earliest memory with makeup however comes from the printed page; she was 14 and skimming the pages of Kevyn Aucoin’s book “Making Faces.” The late makeup artist created the sculpted look celebrated by many models and hitmakers from Whitney Houston to Janet Jackson. The industry-defining book included his discussion of makeup techniques such as facial contouring used widely in drag culture.

When she reached college-age, the Long Island native dropped out of a community college to pursue graphic design on her own rather than in a classroom.

“I mostly worked with an iPad and a pen,” she said.

Today, Piskin has become an internet sensation, achieving viral fame with more than 100 billion video views of her artwork, and amassing an Instagram following of more than one million by her early 30s. She has worked on campaigns with Urban Decay, NYX and L’Oréal in addition to this latest effort with Joah Beauty.

A Tool for Teaching

Filters, she says, area a great way for the current generatino of beginner makeup enthusiasts to experiment with different color schemes, dramatic eyeliners and lip shades with the ease and sophistication of AR to find what looks best on them– a monumental too she said she wished she had growing up.

“I feel like wearing filters is a really organic way for somebody to share a brand that feels like it integrates well into content, rather than the traditional trying-on of a product,” Piskin said. “Someone can try on a filter and the person creates their own story with that filter.”


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