New Comcast expansion means businesses and residents experience fast speeds- Utah Business

New Comcast expansion means businesses and residents experience fast speeds- Utah Business

Demand for fast, reliable networking solutions is at an all-time high for businesses and individuals alike. In fact, our data shows that peak network traffic growth continued to climb past record-highs set in 2020 during the Covid. And entertainment activities continue to dominate overall network traffic, with video streaming accounting for 71 percent of downloads on Comcast’s network.

Comcast has met this demand head-on. During the shift in network usage throughout the pandemic, Comcast kept America connection and we continue to make it even better. In 2021 alone, we invested more than $4.2 billion to strengthen, expand and evolve our network – more than any previous year. From 2017 to 2021, we invested $20 billion total to evolve and grow our network, as well as built out 50,000 new miles of fibre.

Recently, Comcast announced an expansion to Eagle Mountain and coverage for additional homes in Northern Utah.

“We live and work in Utah, and our commitment is to deliver innovative, reliable and affordable broadband service to everyone in our footprint,” says Chris Dunkeson, VP technical operations, Comcast Mountain West Region, which includes Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona. “The company contributed $416.1M in technology and infrastructure improvements statewide in the last three years alone.”

Consumers and businesses thrive on connectivity, which drives innovation

Aside from computers, there are a bevvy of WiFi-enabled devices – including smartphones, security camera systems, smart outlets, color-changing lightbulbs and thermostats – that our customers rely on, every day. In 2021 alone, Comcast connected nearly a billion unique devices to WiFi in Xfinity households, a 12-fold increase from 2018.

Comcast pairs its network advancements with smart WiFi solutions that ensure connection however and wherever customers want. Such solutions include:

  • Gig speeds: Comcast increased speeds for the most popular Xfinity speed tiers, including increasing gig speeds to 1.2 Gbps
  • xFi Advanced Gateway: Comcast’s most powerful device to date, the next generation xFi Advanced Gateway incorporates WiFi 6E, offering customers a broadband experience with a faster, more reliable wireless connection.
  • xFi Pods: Help to cover the home with strong and reliable WiFi. 90-100 million devices are connecting through Comcast’s xFi Pods in the US and Europe each day.

A good network connection is only as strong as its backbone

With more people and businesses connecting in new and remote locations, a strong, secure network backbone is critical to help ensure fast, reliable connections aren’t disrupted. Two key network backbone components are cybersecurity and managed services.

Cyberattacks are up compared to a decade ago, and there are now dozens more unique attacks. Comcast is making regular investments into its cybersecurity solutions, and it’s paying off – in 2020 alone, Comcast Business SecurityEdge blocked more than 583 million botnet, malware and phishing threats.

Comcast can proactively troubleshoot any issues across multiple points of service, removing the burden from our customers. Managed services are also in demand. Businesses and households managing their own networks will often experience internet connection issues but will be left on their own to troubleshoot,

which can lead to costly or inconvenient delays in network service.

Always evolving

As network trends and demands change over time, so too will Comcast to fit the needs of its customers. These days, network offerings are more flexible, allowing Comcast to tailor its packages to fit the needs and budget restraints of its customers. This means that more businesses and households are empowered via their providers to invest in their network solutions.

Comcast is always pursuing to broader network technology upgrades, working to accelerate its 10G roadmap while expanding its network to serve more people in more places, as well as deploying new technology innovations that deliver more speed, security, and reliability to its customers.

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