Observations from Day 5 of Detroit Lions training camp practice

Observations from Day 5 of Detroit Lions training camp practice

Welcome moment: Welcome to the NFL. Welcome to padded practice. It was early in practice during a team period that Hutchinson got that moment. He was lined up on the edge ready to face Sewell, and wasn’t looking for the chip that tight end TJ Hockenson provided. It put Hutchinson on his butt, and after the chip Hockenson went across the formation to catch a pass on the play. I suspect Hutchinson will be looking for the chip next time Hockenson lines up in-line next to the tackle. – Tim Twentyman

On target: Quarterback Jared Goff had a good practice overall, and he was especially sharp in one 11-on-11 series. With the first teams matched against each other, Goff completed all five of his passes. He finished it off with a deep shot to wide receiver Josh Reynolds down the right sideline. — Mike O’Hara

Backup QB: I also thought Goff was really sharp Monday, but not so much for the backups, particularly Tim Boyle. He missed a wide open tight end Shane Zylstra and threw behind running back Jermar Jefferson in an early team period. It definitely wasn’t one of his crisper throwing days. I still wonder if the Lions will add to the position before the start of the regular season. – Tim Twentyman

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