Observations from Day 8 of Detroit Lions training camp practice

Observations from Day 8 of Detroit Lions training camp practice

Getting noticed: Trinity Benson hasn’t been mentioned often with the Lions’ other wide receivers, but he took matters in his own hands – as a receiver should – to get noticed Thursday. He had three good catches, with two long ones down the sideline and another in traffic. It was a good day for Benson. — Mike O’Hara

Fleet footed: Goff isn’t often described as fleet footed, but he showed off some scrambling ability in a red zone period in Thursday’s practice. With the offense operating inside the 5-yard line, Goff faked a handoff to the running back and saw an opening on the left side and took off for the end zone. He crossed the goal line, kept running and finished by dunking the ball over the goal post. He had a nice 13-yard run in a two-minute period later in practice. – Tim Twentyman

kicker competition: A week into camp and Austin Seibert and Riley Patterson continue to duke it out for the kicker job. I had Seibert going 4-for-4 on his four kicks ranging from 43 to 53 yards Thursday. Patterson was 3-for-4, missing from what looked like around 50 yards and from 53. There’s a lot more than practice kicks that will go into determining who will win the job, but it seems Seibert has the edge early on. – Tim Twentyman

Making sure: Elliott left nothing to chance when he pursued the ball carrier on a running play. The ball carrier stumbled and went down when he tried to cut back up the middle. Elliott touched him to make sure he was down. It was a typical pro play. Leave nothing to chance. — Mike O’Hara

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