Oriental beauty blending Eastern wisdom and philosophy

Oriental beauty blending Eastern wisdom and philosophy
Oriental beauty blending Eastern wisdom and philosophy

Five young artists are presenting “Journey to the unexplored,” an immersive art exhibition at Power Long Art Museum that runs through October 14.

Curated and developed by Geeksart, one of China’s best new media art teams, the exhibition features Zhang Yu, Kong Youyang, TonyMark, Jiu Li and Gui Sheng in a digital art feast with an oriental aesthetics theme.

Covering 2,000 square meters of space, the exhibition is divided into seven exhibition areas: “Desolation,” “Chaotic,” “Awareness,” “Balance,” “Splendid Dream Illustrations” and “Panorama Views.”

Unlike other immersive art exhibitions in town that focus on visual technology, “Journey to the unexplored” provides visitors with oriental beauty that blends Eastern wisdom and philosophy. Those illusionary images, silhouetted with hearts and fantasy, might echo with viewers’ emotions.

For example, “Desolation” features 221 masks that form a labyrinth. In fact, masks as a symbol fuse a kind of surrealistic meaning, spirituality and the circle of life and death. Masks have inspired romantic Chinese stories that embody greed, anger, hatred and indulgence.

Another highlight of the exhibition is Zhang’s “Dream,” an ink-wash artist who conjures up a daunting “dome piece.” Sitting on the floor of the exhibition space, visitors can experience the high waves flowing down from the ceiling under a dark-hued background. At that moment, one might feel how tiny individuals are in the universe.

Zhang said this installation guides visitors into the initiation, rhapsody and truth of dreams. Visitors might find the clue of “Zhuang Zhou Dreams of a Butterfly.” as the frequented appearing butterfly images are reminiscent of the story. In the story, Zhuang Zhou dreams of being a butterfly, or it is the dream of a butterfly that finally becomes Zhuang Zhou, revealing the uncertainty of life.

Exhibition Info:

Early-Bird Tickets

Dates: Through September 16, close on Mondays, 10am–6pm

General Tickets:

Dates: September 20 to October 14, 10am–6pm

Venue: Power Long Art Museum

Address: 3055 Caobao Road

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