Pathfinder 2E – ‘Lost Omens: Travel Guide’ explores the Inner Sea

Pathfinder 2E - 'Lost Omens: Travel Guide' explores the Inner Sea

Get ready to visit the scenic Inner Sea with the imminent release of the Lost Omens Travel Guide. Come for the parties, stay for the monsters.

Pathfinder 2nd Edition is picking up more steam with a wave of new releases in the coming weeks. And topping the list is the upcoming Pathfinder Lost Omens: Travel Guide. This book will be your one-stop shop for all things related to the Inner Sea.

So whether you want cuisine and art, or to discover new sports, you’ll want to check out the Travel Guide. It’s available right now on .pdf, but you’ll be able to get a hardback version for yourself on September 13th.

Pathfinder Lost Omens: Travel Guide – $39.99

See the scenic Inner Sea with the Lost Omens Travel Guide! This book is your companion to the culture, life, and sights of the Inner Sea, guiding you through a variety of topics of interest. With this book, you can learn about Inner Sea cuisine and art, experience the thrills of Inner Sea sports, and uncover the secrets of Inner Sea myths and magic. The Travel Guide features dozens of illustrations to show you the fine details of the latest fashion or put you into the center of one of the Inner Sea’s greatest festivals. Come learn everything about the Inner Sea and prepare yourself for a journey through an unforgettable region with the Lost Omens Travel Guide!

Written by: Rigby Bendele, Katina Davis, Dana Ebert, Dustin Knight, Aaron Lascano, Ron Lundeen, Stephanie Lundeen, Ianara Natividad, Dave Nelson, Jessica Redekop, Nathan Reinecke, Mikhail Rekun, Erin Roberts, Simone Sallé, and Diego Valdez!

We’ve seen scenic books like this before. They’re great gazetteers if you want to continue to explore the world of Golarion. Which is, at this point, one of the more richly developed fantasy settings.

You’ll find a variety of nations and peoples to explore. Including the Mwangi expanse, inspired by folklore from Africa, the nation of Andoran, inspired by the Constitution (no really), and then some. In this guide, you get the Inner Sea, the main focus of 2nd Edition so far.

And in this book, you get fashion, food, and sport. So you can really dig in deep with flavor for your upcoming campaign. Pathfinder wants you to play in their playground. It’s at its best when you’re using all of its toys. This is why books like these make for an excellent companion to any game of Pathfinder.

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