Sabrina Elba opens up her beauty little black book

Sabrina Elba opens up her beauty little black book

I also enjoy ice skating and I find that you do burn quite a few calories. I was doing it on Queensway at Queens Skate Dine Bowl but I heard they’re closing it. I’m devastated because it’s a stone’s throw from my place. There’s one in Oxford that I tend to go to more often now, it’s called Oxford Ice Rink and is close to our place in the countryside.

I learned to ice skate in Australia while Idris was doing a film there. He was filming for six months and there was a skate rink by the house. And I just thought I’m the only Canadian that doesn’t know how to ice skate so I’m going to pick this up. And I went four times a week after that, and I’m obsessed with it now. I love it.

What do you do regularly to look after your mental wellbeing?

A big part of wellness for me comes through community and it’s a part of wellness that actually Idris and I think isn’t spoken about enough. If you lose relationships, it has a really big toll on your mental health. So maintaining those relationships is a big part of our wellness routine. I have two brothers and two sisters. So for me being on a phone call with my brother for an hour is so calming.

But other than that, I do a 10 day juice cleanse once a month using Press. I find I have so much more energy and I sleep better.

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