Summer Travel: Living The Gen Z Life – My Trip To Hawaii

Summer Travel: Living The Gen Z Life – My Trip To Hawaii

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase paradise? Is it a mood or a place? Whatever comes to mind, it is difficult to argue against the fact that Hawaii is the definition of paradise.

I’ve heard my friends and relatives describe this place to me, but their descriptions have never done it justice. Nothing can adequately prepare you for the ideal level of humidity and the mild wind that greet you as you exit the Maui airport.

Driving down two-lane highways forces you to slow down and take in the beauty that is all around you, as you turn around each corner you see water on the horizon again and again.

Markel Collins enjoying the sunset in Hawaii.

Hawaii is a place that makes you want to get immersed in the culture, and it doesn’t take long for you to understand why people who are from there are big on respecting the island.

It struck me during my stay at a resort how diverse the guests were, and how this made me understand that Gen Z is traveling more than ever before.

According to availcarsharing.com72% of the generation are planning on or thinking about splurging on a huge getaway this year.

It’s a significant increase compared to past generations, prompting the question of why Gen Z is taking a very different approach to vacationing than earlier generations.

According to Condor Ferries56% of Gen Z vacations are spent visiting family, while 40% were spent unwinding and avoiding stress.

Gen Z understands the importance and value of exploring a world outside of their own, and since we are a generation that is more in touch with our mental health, we know when it is time to simply take a break from everyday stress.

Unlike older generations, we aren’t okay with having life pass us by. We would rather travel now versus waiting later on and living with the regret of all the trips that we didn’t take.

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