The Last of Us Part 1: How To Find All Training Manuals | Locations Guide

The Last of Us Part 1: How To Find All Training Manuals |  Locations Guide

Unlock every bonus perk with these Training Manual locations.

Training Manuals are a vital resource you won’t want to miss in The Last of Us Part 1. Training Manuals are a rare collectible that gives you an instant perk — unlike in the sequel, these simply provide enhancement to your skillset. Sometimes Training Manuals improve your healing, weapon durability, or increase the number of times you can use a shiv. They’re all incredibly useful, so we’ve put together a list helping you get them all.

In the sequel, Training Manuals unlock new skill trees that you can upgrade with the game’s “XP” — pills. You don’t need to do that in this one. Training Manuals are a one-time boost. That makes them even more useful in Part 1, which is a significantly shorter game than the sequel. If you’re playing on the hardest difficulties, it is absolutely required to get these manuals, so check out the quick list below for all our locations.

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[Work-In-Progress: Check back soon for screenshots showing all locations.]

There are 12 Training Manuals in The Last of Us Part 1. Training Manuals unlock new skills, increasing your abilities in useful ways. Here’s where to find them all — they can be easy to miss. Training Manuals in this game give you an instant upgrade.

  • Training Manual #1: Bill’s Town (Safehouse) – In the safehouse bar, the first training manual is on the bar top near where Bill is waiting.
  • Training Manual #2: Pittsburgh (Alone and Forgotten) – Reach the room with the stripped corpses on the metal tables, then take the stairs up. Upstairs, enter the room to the right where Ellie is exploring. The manual is on the mattress, on the floor, near the second doorway.
  • Training Manual #3: Pittsburgh (Hotel Lobby) – In the hotel, solve the ladder puzzle and climb up onto the balcony. Go right on the wrecked area where the light has fallen down and cross to the other side. There is a note on the ground near the luggage cart with the safe code. The safe code is [22-10-56].
    • Go into the office behind the reception desk and use your new code to unlock the safe. There is a training manual inside.
  • Training Manual #4: Pittsburgh (Hotel Lobby) – Later in the hotel, you’ll reach the upper floors. Passing by the broken elevators, you’ll be in a hallway with a table and chairs in the center. The training manual is right on this table in your path.
  • Training Manual #5: Pittsburgh (Escape The City) – Once you meet up with more friendly survivors, you’ll rest in an apartment. Check the kitchen counter for a training manual.
  • Training Manual #6: Suburbs (Sewer) – After passing by the entrance to the sewer survivor camp with the tripped noise trap (yellow plastic bin), move forward and look on the metal shelves straight ahead.
  • Training Manual #7: Suburbs (Suburbs) – In the main suburbs area where you can explore the houses, enter the red brick house on the street. Go upstairs and climb up into the attic. You can send Ellie up there. She’ll locate the manual for you.
  • Training Manual #8: Tommy’s Dam (Hydroelectric Dam) – once you reach the actual dam staffed by survivors, enter the office where two people are chatting around a large table in the center of the room. There’s a workbench tool area to the left. Left of that, there’s a fallen locked with this manual by the window.
  • Training Manual #9: The University (Go Bighorns) – At the start of the university, reach the open plaza courtyard and enter the building to the right. There are stairs leading upstairs. Hop onto the opening to reach another classroom. Near the window, look on the computer desk.
  • Training Manual #10: The University (Science Building) – Going upstairs, in the empty building, Ellie will lead you through a door to the atrium walkway leading further up. Don’t go that way yet. Continue down the hallway and enter the room through the door on the right. The manual is on the table.
  • Training Manual #11: Lakeside Resort (Cabin Resort) – As Joel, you’ll reach the snowy survivor town. Go past the gas station and enter a room at the “MOTEL” — climb through the bathroom window and look left for a locked shed. Go inside to get a ransom of supplies.
  • Training Manual #12: Bus Depot (Underground Tunnel) – Near the end of the game, in the flooded tunnel packed with creatures, you’ll exit a hallway and face a tunnel with an old green taxicab and a truck. Climb onto the truck to find the final training manual.

That’s all 12 manuals. Finding them all unlocks the “Self Help” trophy.

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