The Top Beauty Influencers On YouTube, Instagram And TikTok

The Top Beauty Influencers on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok
Instagram, YouTube and TikTok pay well—very well. The list of the top 100 beauty influencers earning the most on social media has been revealed. Who’s No. 1? Safiya Nygaard makes over $196,877 per combined post, according to one report.

Following last year’s Beauty Influencer Rich List, Cosmetify conducted the study again to reveal the highest earning beauty influencers of 2022. The numbers reflect each influencer’s Instagram, YouTube and TikTok accounts.

You can dig further into the data here.



Estimated Instagram
Earnings per Post

Estimated TikTok
Earnings per Post

Estimated YouTube Earnings per Post

Combined Earnings
per Post
Safiya Nygaard




Huda Kattan




James Charles




Bretman Rock




Nikita Dragun




Chiara Ferragni




Jeffree Star




Pony Makeup








Nikkie Tutorials





The research reveals:

• Safiya Nygaard is at the top of the list with the highest combined earnings across all social media platforms, with a single post on YouTube estimated to be worth up to $187,917.

• Second place is held by Huda Kattan, who is also the most successful beauty influencer on Instagram with each post worth up to $168,113.

• Meanwhile, James Charles takes third place overall while also being the highest earning influencer on TikTok, making up to $35,200 per post.

Further study insights:

• Last year’s richest influencer was Huda Kattan. This year, her combined earnings increased by over $58,000.

• Other beauty influencers that performed particularly well include Nikita Dragun, Bretman Rock and Chiara Ferragni whose combined earnings per post are all over $98,000.

• Some controversial influencers such as James Charles or Jeffree Star increased their earnings—over $40,000—despite being “cancelled” at least once.


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