These Poems Will Inspire You To Travel The World

Man traveling while reading a poem

There are so many ways to get travel inspiration, but there’s something special about poetry that makes it a great source of travel inspiration. One can read about a destination, and it may not do much to inspire, but when that same writing is transformed into a poetic form, it touches a special part of the soul. For travelers seeking this source of travel inspiration, read these poems and watch as the flames of your wanderlust get ignited.

10 Song Of The Open Road By Walt Whitman

This short travel poem written by Walt Whitman speaks of free life and how beautiful freedom is. It talks about the open road, traveling, independence, and the overall benefit of living a life of freedom. Travelers who wish to take on the world but do not have the courage to begin the adventure will find Song of the Open Road by Walt Whitman inspiration.

Afoot and light-hearted, I take to the open road

Healthy, free, the world before me…..

9 The Road Less Traveled By Robert Frost

A poem urging travelers to get off the beaten path and explore the less-traveled road as it might reward one with memories that last for a lifetime. Any individual can also take it as advice to move away from the crowd and follow one’s inner compass as it might lead to great things. The end part of the Road Less Traveled by Robert Frost depicts one being thankful for following the less traveled road as it has made all the difference.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-

I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

8 It’s September By Edgar Albert

It’s September by Edgar Albert uses words to reveal the beauty the month of September brings. With the trees glowing in gold, orange, red, and yellow colors, it is a great time to travel the world and see the natural scenery. September is also the start of harvest which means one will be met with fresh food in many parts of the world during this time.

It’s September, and the Orchards are afire with red and gold,

And the nights with dew are heavy, and the morning’s sharp with cold;

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7 The Farewell By Kahlil Gibran

With so many people quitting their jobs and choosing the nomadic lifestyle, this poem will surely resonate with a lot of readers. It talks about the lifestyle of a dedicated traveler and the experiences one will have living such a life. While reading the Farewell by Kahlil Gibranthose inspired to follow the same path also need to know how to make ends meet as a nomad and the best countries for digital nomads.

We wanderers, ever seeking the lonelier way,

Begin no day where we have ended…

6 Freedom By Olive Runner

Freedom is something every human craves but oftentimes, people often find it difficult to satisfy their hunger for freedom. This is why inspiration is needed, and this poem by Olive Runner might just be the perfect inspiration one needs. The poem depicts a longing for the life of traveling and encourages readers to embrace that life and experience the freedom associated with it. With the poem containing words like “free as the river that flows to the sea,” one can really draw a lot of inspiration from Freedom by Olive Runner.

Give me the long, straight road before me,

A clear, cold day with a nipping air…

5 If Once You’ve Slept On An Island By Rachel Field

Traveling to an island is one of the most exciting adventures one can have, as one will be met with blue waters, sandy shores, and lush vegetation. In If Once You’ve Slept On An Island by Rachel Field, the focus is on islands and the rewards that come with visiting one. With so many islands around the world, from lesser-known islands to uninhabited islands, travelers will long to visit one after reading this poem.

If once you have slipped on an island

You’ll never be quite the same…

4 Travel By Robert Louis Stevenson

Travel by Robert Louis Stevenson is a poem depicting the wanderlust of a boy and all the adventures he intends to experience when he becomes a man. This poem can be the inspiration one needs to create an exciting bucket list that might lead one to travel.

I should like to rise and go

Where the golden apples grow

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3 Die Slowly By Martha Medeiros

Die Slowly advises readers of the consequences of living a boring life. Although all humans eventually die, this poem speaks of how people die slowly when they live an average life with no adventures. Die Slowly by Martha Medeiros Encourages one to spice up their lives and avoid the slow death by traveling, pursuing their passion, risking something, and doing things differently sometimes.

He who does not travel, who does not read,

Who does not listen to music,

Dies slowly…

2 Sea Fever By John Masefield

Sea Fever by John Masefield is a poem that depicts the wishes of a traveler to go back to the sea to experience life at sea. It also encourages travelers to head to the sea to enjoy the tranquility, the chilling wind, the white clouds, and the adventures that come with traveling by sea.

I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,

And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by;

1 The Land Of Beyond By Robert W Service

The world is a vast place which is why The Land Of Beyond By Robert W Service suggests that there should be no end to one’s traveling. This poem ignites a hunger in its readers to seek what is beyond their immediate environment, city, state, or country. It reminds even avid travelers that there is always something to see ahead, hence the need to never stop traveling.

With saddle and pack, by paddle and track,

Let’s go to the Land of Beyond!

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