This beauty glow-giver sells every two seconds

This beauty glow-giver sells every two seconds

They’re worth the hype (Picture: Getty)

We love this product, and clearly lots of you do, too – seeing as one sells every two seconds.

We’re talking about none other than the Dr Dennis Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peels – a two-part acid concoction designed to shed dead skin cells, revealing new ones for a bright, radiant complexion.

I use them the night before big events because, come morning, my skin has never looked so healthy.

In fact, I usually get compliments on how I’m ‘glowing’ on these days – even with the original formula, that’s slightly less potent.

Most beauty products require months of use before true visible signs of skin improvement are seen – but this gets to work instantly and is noticeable.

And, of course, it always has to be followed with SPF as the newer skin cells are more vulnerable to sun damage.

If this bestselling status wasn’t enough to convince you, though, Dr Dennis Gross has recently done new clinical studies on the pads to see how they affect skin with prolonged use.

Though you might think that’s a standard practice in the beauty space, often brands do user trials (which are far less scientific), but clinicals reveal much more.

Over a 12-week study, skin density improved by 21% on subjects, and collagen production shot up by 62%.

before and after images showing expressions

Finally – a realistic before and after (Picture: Dr Dennis Gross)

Fine lines also reduced, too – with there being a 200% increase in their improvement when the product was used consistently over 12 weeks.

Acid exfoliants are great for shifting dry flaky skin, but they can also stimulate other skin functions (like collagen), as proven by the study.

One issue that people can have with acids is the breakdown of the skin barrier, given how abrasive acids are on the skin.

However, the study found that skin barrier function was supported – as using the pads led to an increase in filaggrin in the skin. This is important for hydration and barrier formation.

So, as far as acid pads go, these are some of the best on the market.

Still not sure? The beginner pack for £19 can be a soft way in, to see if you notice the difference, while a larger pack is £89.

Those who took part in the study all perceived improvements in the skin to some degree – so we’d say they’re worth a go.

Shop Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peels here.

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