Tour de Trash: San Francisco’s garbage bin beauty contest is underway

Tour de Trash: San Francisco's garbage bin beauty contest is underway

So far the city’s pricey prototypes elicit questions about price, but at least two hold up as well as the inexpensive off-the-shelf models.

After spending $550,000 for “graffiti-resistant trash cans,” at least one of the city’s uniquely designed, costly bins has failed that test — and another model seems no more efficient than the regular bins nearby, according to residents using the cans.

The Bachelors-esque contest to help find the city’s best garbage bin will run from July 18th to September 17th. The host: San FranciscoPublic Works.

Over the forthcoming two months, San Franciscans will get to decide on which bin of trash we shall bestow a rose. The options pit the three prototypes the city spent $550,000 to develop against three off-the-shelf models.

You might be thinking “Trash cans are trash cans. They just need to get the job done.” No, no, no. These prototypes aren’t like other trash cans in the world, according to Public Works officials who spoke at a forum earlier this month at Manny’s Cafe. They’re special.

“This is going to be history in the making,” said Alison Mikels, a supervisor for Public Works Street Environmental Services Operations.

Public Works pitched the garbage cans as durable and designed to last up to 25 years on San Francisco’s punishing sidewalks. While happy with some of the offerings, locals also described the prototypes as “something from outer space” and wondered about the price tag.

You can visit them at any of the 26 points around the city and register your thoughts by using the QR code on each.

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