WisDOT urges drivers to travel safely during the holiday weekend

WisDOT reminds drivers to travel safely during Labor Day weekend

WISCONSIN — A holiday weekend is right around the corner.

With that, comes the likelihood of travel, meaning lots of motorists will be driving on Wisconsin’s roadways.

Planning ahead, putting the phone away and being patient with other drivers will be crucial to safety, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

“As we prepare for that last summer getaway, remember that safety is everyone’s responsibility,” WisDOT Secretary Craig Thompson said. “We must do our part to prevent needless tragedies on Wisconsin highways — buckle up, drive sober and put the phone down.”

Here are some more reminders from the WisDOT ahead of Labor Day weekend.

Slow down

Even though you may be excited to get to your Labor Day weekend destination, remind yourself to slow down. Speed ​​limits only apply to ideal travel conditions. If weather takes a turn for the worst or traffic is heavy, make sure you travel at a “reasonable and prudent” speed.

Eliminate distractions

Drivers should remember to put the phone away while driving. Not only is texting while behind the wheel prohibited, it’s also very dangerous. In work zones, it’s also illegal to use a handheld device. Focus on what’s ahead.

Be alert

If you see emergency responders, such as police and fire vehicles, ambulances, tow trucks and highway maintenance vehicles, with warning lights flashing and stopped on the highway, be prepared to slow down or move over.

And if your own vehicle breaks down, attempt to get off the highway and keep your seat belt buckled while you wait for help.

To make way for holiday traffic, most road construction will be paused this weekend. However, there are still some major projects that may impact travel.

Before you leave, you can find up-to-the-minute information on work zones or incidents affecting highway travel via 511 Wisconsin.

All Wisconsin rest areas will remain open for restroom or travel breaks.


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