Yeovil dog owner launches online training service

Yeovil dog owner launches online training service

A DOG owner has launched a video streaming dog lifestyle and training service.

Yeovil entrepreneur Max Randall founded his start-up business, MK9 Plus, last year to encourage dog owners to look after their pets and avoid misconceptions.

Max said he founded his online dog lifestyle and training service with a different approach in mind and said his business “is a bit different from what people expect”.

Max started his business in December last year, but he had been thinking about it since the pandemic.

While operating mainly through Zoom calls, he realised many people did not have “the time or money to look after their dogs”.

He said: “I was a dog trainer for about four years then the lockdown kind of sparked all this.

“I was helping people through Zoom calls then courses after courses I became a dog trainer at 18.

“The business is a bit different from what people expect. We learn about reading dogs’ boy language and behavior.”

Max also said his work aims at giving dogs a lifestyle rather than just focusing on training, which can be a “misconception”.

He said: “People never learn any sort of prevention about behavioral problems, and that could save them time and money. Training does not help the dog. It is the biggest misconception, it does not give them what they need.”

Max added training can teach dogs how to do things but people forget what they really need.

He added: “You can still do the training but you need to give dogs the right lifestyle with mental stimulation, physical exercise, and diet.”

With a message on his website, Max said: “I truly hope you enjoy learning about your dog and gain a clear understanding of what’s actually going on. Once you understand problems, they never stress you out.

“My goal isn’t to just get everyone the dog of their dreams but to get dogs the parents of their dreams.”

With the business being online, Max has customers from all around the world.

For more information about the service provided by Max, visit his website here.

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